RegexFormat 8  -  Unicode Special Edition



Major Version 8    Released 2-8-2017

Explore Unicode 9 with super controls.


This version is built with VS2015 and requires those  MFC / CRT  runtime libraries.

They are included in the setup as Merge Modules.

If you have  problems with installation, download and install the distributable  from Microsoft.

Alternatively, they are available from the distributable directory:

vc_redist.x64.exe   or   vc_redist.x86.exe



Available in 32 and 64 bit versions.



A zipped install of the latest version can be downloaded here:

32-bit : Version 8   and   64-bit : Version 8


Binaries and samples can also be obtained from the

Download directory (also, from links at the bottom of this page).


   Important Note(s):

RegexFormat 8 uses crypto services from CryptoAPI.dll. This is usually  located in the

Windows\System32 directory. Please insure that it is installed.



Version History   ( Latest build:  8.2.0 )



Version 8.2 – 0      4/24/2017          Release minor sub-version 8.2.

                                                       Updated to Regex engine 1.64. All modifications are carried forward.


Version 8.1 – 1        4/19/2017          Regex engine modification to fix a bug in class intersection.

                                                       Update to this if version 8.1-0 was installed.


Version 8.1 – 0      4/12/2017          Release minor sub-version 8.1.

                                                       Regex engine modifications to correctly handle class intersection.

                                                       Example [^\W\D] matches only digits.


Version 8.0 – 14      4/1/2017            Modified UCD Property Search to trim whitespace and added an automatic tokenize feature.

                                                       If the initial string is not found, the tokenized parts will be searched for instead.

                                                       The token delimiters can consist of any of these characters   <space> _ - , . ' * " ; \t


Version 8.0 – 13      3/23/2017          Fixed a Benchmark issue when advancing position on a zero-length match.

                                                       In a rare case, this resulted in incorrectly reporting the number of matches on a run.


Version 8.0 – 9        3/14/2017          Added a   Unique    page to the UCD Interface dialog.

                                                       This has the same functionality as the Codepoints and Custom-Rx pages, except the regex

                                                       object is removed.  It is instead replaced by an input edit box to paste or type any string.

                                                       The string is analyzed for unique codepoints which are displayed in the result.

                                                       The result can then be processed using the same features as in the Codepoints and Custom-Rx pages.


Version 8.0 – 8        3/10/2017          Added a   Custom-Rx    page to the UCD Interface dialog.

                                                       This has the same functionality as the Codepoints page, except the regex

                                                       object is editable.  Thus, any regex construct can be used to obtain a codepoint set.

                                                       Properties from the UCD regex cache can be easily added, mixed, and matched within the regex.


Version 8.0 – 6        2/21/2017          Some UCD navigation improvements and prevent tab control from getting focus.


Version 8.0 – 5        2/20/2017          Post-release:  Fixed an issue that caused a crash

                                                       when trying to drag dockable panes after accessing the UCD names page.

                                                       If using a versions between 8.0.0 - 8.0.4 it is recommended that it be

                                                       upgraded to  version 8.0.5.






New Unicode features:


A few ‘Super Controls’ are new - UCD (Unicode Character Database) Interface

using ICU4 58.2. Overhaul of regex engine with full Unicode 9 support, Properties

(over 1200) and Names (0x10FFFF). Includes all scripts and script extensions.


UCD Info Page :   UCD Interface Usage


UCD Tab Screenshots :   Usage    Properties    Codepoints    Names    Unique    Custom-Rx


New viewer available from all editors :   Uni-Name Viewer




Included features:


This application parses,  dynamically formats/expands/compresses Regular Expressions.

Includes a built-in testing regex engine derived and modified from Boost Regex 1.61.

Includes a regex benchmarking suite.

Uses and includes the  ICU4 58.2 Library.

Includes UCD (Unicode Character Database) Interface a ‘Super Control’ suite.

Many new controls, including a Unicode Name Viewer to go with the existing Hex Viewer.

View anything from anywhere, it’s integrated into all editors.


See Online Manual (Deprecated)


The core:


It’s many strong features include formatting, expanding, compressing expressions,

advanced comment handling, auto-generated capture group comments, analysis

tools, padding, Raw/Single/Double quoted String construction of finished expressions

that can be pasted into development code.


Includes independent property views of the current regular expression providing a quick

look at its state and comprehensive construct metrics and error analysis information.

Errors can be selected in different views. For example, when an error is selected from

the view list, it is instantly selected in both the input and output views, when selected

from the output, it is selected from the input and error list, etc.., - this makes

debugging quite easy.


Also included is a selectable, completely customizable analysis overlay of  conditional’s

and capture group counting (including named groups last), as well as annotated error

reporting of the entire expression embedded in the formatted output.

Formatting continues to the end of the expression regardless of errors, thus providing

a single pass, down stream look after possibly trivial errors.


A Flags pane is provided to easily turn on/off options and settings.

Over 400 internal flag bits control the parsing/formatting engine giving maximum

flexibility to precisely control how the expression is parsed, how it is expanded or

compressed, and the look and shape of the formatted output.

Its solid parsing foundation include most all individual constructs available in

Regular Expressions are provided for and are individually selectable. There are built-in

presets for the major flavors, but everything can be customized, giving the ability to

define custom language presets.


Included Presets:

·         User-Defined

·         Default

·         Custom

·         Perl

·         PCRE

·         Dot-Net

·         Java 6

·         Java 7

·         JavaScript


Expression with embedded ‘expanded’ or ‘compressed’ modes are handled seamlessly

by the engine.


Easily unveil the most complex packed expressions in existence with the click of a button.

Debug, refactor, make changes, then pack it back up for production.

Save the document (.rxf) with all of its views and Flags state, open it later when the

time comes for modification or maintenance or for quick recollection.


Whether a novice or expert, if you use Regular Expressions, this application will save

you hours of work.  See it, change it, and maintain it as real code.



Supported Platforms:

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10


Download RegexFormat

A zipped install of the latest version can be downloaded here

->       32-bit : Version 8   and   64-bit : Version 8


Manual/Help File:


Version 4.2 manual is included in the installation (or available online – see above link),

but can also be downloaded here ->  Manual/Help File



Unzip the files to a temporary directory then run the  Setup.exe  program.

The installed  Samples  directory contains data files with which to evaluate the application.

Miscellaneous samples can be obtained and are added to the Samples directory.



To Purchase:

Single and Multi-Site License(s) are offered and are now available for purchase.

Accepted payment methods include Major Credit Card or PayPal account.

Questions can be directed to support@regexformat.com


Choose a RegexFormat license purchase option:


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