September 18, 2019


FWIW,  StackOverflow former member SLN’s account deletion info  transcript :




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We're writing in reference to your Stack Overflow account:


You've been warned repeatedly, so I don't feel like we need to get into why comments like the following are unwelcome here:

·         You're regex is junk stop using it as an example of what you're trying to match. Yeah, show the junk (that nobody can understand) but SAY and SHOW in detail, what it is you want to match and what it is you don't. Otherwise it just waste's peoples time guessing with your junk.

·         What? Corporate America dictates Regular Expressions ? It is a joke right, you cannot be serious ... It's like Corporate dictates the detonation of the atomic bomb because it makes a blasting cap. Total bs, absolutely not believable and total hogwash !!!!!!!!

·         @ikegami - Then I will assume you didn't know what you were looking at before when there was just a regex for split. I don't usually provide complete code for people who ask regex questions. Some do, I don't because it presumes they are idiots who need spoon feeding. To me its a regex question.

I could go on.

We have temporarily suspended your account; you may return after 30 days.

Stack Overflow Moderation Team

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sent 13 mins ago

to moderators

I could go on

You're writing this for somebody else, not for me.
Please go on, show more, but be specific.

Explain / enumerate which rules specifically I have violated.
I never personally attacked anybody, I don't curse. I have my own opinions of things
like everybody does. If that annoys you that's just too bad.

I did say in a post September 16, 2019 that some Administrators are harassing me
by deleting almost all my comments I make in conversations.

The comments above are innocuous and range from days, weeks and months ago
that had been deleted by SO. But, you've deleted hundreds of my comments and
these 3 are the best you can do ?

Personalities make behavior, both of which do not change for anybody, ever
for as long as human beings have lived ! Think about that Charlie Brown.

If the moderator team is unable to address your concerns, please contact the Stack Overflow team.






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