Special Class Escaping




 Special class escaping options can be set from the Formatting

Section of the Flags Pane. These particular options affect all output

(Formatted/Compressed/Expanded) of the current document.


(See also Formatting)



(From Flags Pane)





These options apply to just the space, pound and dollar characters.

By default, all options are enabled. Should you want no changes

ever to these characters, disable these options by un-checking

the ‘Special Class Escaping’ box.


There are two main options.



Escape the character

          Three check boxes, one for space, pound and dollar sign.

          Escapes the particular character.

          If space or pound is checked it will override the ‘remove escape’


          This has no affect if the character is already escaped.



Remove escape from the character

          Two check boxes, one for space, one for pound sign.

          Removes the escape on the particular character.

          Selecting ‘escaping’ counterpart overrides this option.



These options can be mixed and matched to ‘Normalize’ or repair to a

desired state.



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