File Menu




Opening Files

In addition to the normal File Open menu item, files can be opened

en-masse through the Shell’s open command and via Drag and Drop.

If using Drag and Drop, drop the files in RegexFormats main window.



The File menu has these special items.

 (See also Menus)


Reloads the current document from disk.

If the document has been modified, a confirmation

message box is displayed


Select this item to close all documents without saving them.

A confirmation message box is displayed.


Here the RegexFormat files  (.rxf)  can be associated with the application

in the Explorer shell. Select sub-menu items  Register or Un-Register  as needed.

Note – the association is made automatically by the  RegexFormat  windows installer.






This menu item is used to setup Printing Header/Footer and  Margins.



The header and footer take format strings with three types of variables:

&f          Substitutes the File name.

&p         Substitutes the Page number.

%code    Substitutes the time format  (See Time Codes reference).

If the string is empty, no respective heading is printed.



          Measured in inches to be above/below headings and left/right of the

          Allowable printer specified max page width.






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