Mega-String Options   (Mega-String Tool)



(See also:  Mega-String Tool,  Editing Tools).






          Trigraphs are a 3-character escape sequence introduced by two

          consecutive question mark characters ??.

          Since regular expressions are riddled with question marks, making a

          Cstyle string out of it might invoke a trigraph interpolation by a

          language editor/parser. (See here for an explanation on MSDN)


          Selecting this option is recommended. It just properly escapes, only

          when necessary, so that a double question mark in the regex,

          remains so after being parsed by the program language parser.



          This option is used in all the radio selections above.

          If checked, it pads spaces to each end of line by

-         Max line length,  pads to the length of the longest line.

-         Min length,  pads to a minimum specified length.



          If this is checked, extra padding is added to the end of each line.

          This is cumulative if Pad to Options is selected as well.



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