Output Pane




The Output pane encapsulates a document tab (‘Rxform1’ in this case).

Each document window (tab) consists of a toolbar and output tabs Formatted

and Compressed (or Expanded).


(See also Screen Layout).



See Output Toolbar  and  Editing Tools  for more information.


Output Tabs


·         Formatted Tab

This shows the output from the last Format Rx! action (see Input Pane).


·         Compressed Tab

This shows the output from the last Compress Rx! action.


·         Expanded Tab

This shows the output from the last Expand Rx! action.


All output is editable and there are robust editing tools available via

its context menu and the toolbar.



Output Cache


Each tab maintains an independent cache containing modified output (if any)

since the last action (or reload), that can be toggled in and out of the editor

with the toolbar ‘Reload’ button.



-         Cache is empty, format action is done.


-         Format output is modified in the editor.


-         Original Format output is reloaded (toggled) into the editor while

modifications shift into the cache.

Even when a new regex input is formatted, any current output

modifications are cached and can be reloaded at any time.

To shift the cache back into the editor,

click the reload button again (etc...)


Any new modifications overwrite the cache.

To clear the cache, erase all the output text (via. the context menu),

then press reload toolbar button (or format new input).



Multiple Outputs


          Additional document windows are available by selecting

          Window -> New Window from the main menu.


          They can be dragged and dropped to form new group panes.


          Each pane will be independent, having its own toolbar

and output cache. This makes it possible to have independent

output modifications of the underlying shared document.


When the document is saved then re-opened, the exact

state is restored, including multiple output panes, their

toolbars, cache information and state.




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