RegexFormat – Version 6 History


Major release:  Version 6 – (5/10/2015)  Unicode, ICU4-53.1 



Version History   ( Last release:  6.1  (3) )


6.1 (2)   -8/22/15:        Added property class tables.

Cumulative update, engine (1.59), mod’s forwarded.


6.1 (1)   -8/20/15:        Named capture group’s filter. Added toolbar button in Match Results window for filter.

                                    Screenshots:  All Groups,  Named Groups  only.


6.1 (0)   -8/19/15:        Engine mods for regex testing (object):

- show named capture group number and names in Match Results output window,

- parse and handle properties constructs inside classes [..\p{-}..\P{-}..]


6.0(13)  -8/14/15:        Ease of use mod’s:  Added multiple Input Dialog button layouts for left or right

vertical positions. Layout selection is via single button from the Dialog Location toolbar.

Four styles available to rotate through (not shown in current screenshot’s ).


6.0(12)  -8/12/15:        Added remove cluster construct (?:x)? option to “Strings to Regex” tool.


6.0(11)  -8/11/15:        Added pad with zero’s option to “Gen Regex for Number Range” tool.


6.0(10)  -8/7/15:          Added option to show asterisk on titles of modified Documents.


6.0(9)  -8/3/15:            Bug fix: Ensure MDI Active tab visible on frame resize.


6.0(7)  -8/1/15:            Ease of use mod’s:  Added Toolbar for Preset Pane Layout’s.


6.0(6)  -7/30/15:          Changed layout initial defaults.

6.0(5)  -5/29/15:          Fixed a chart data issue.


6.0       -5/10/15:         Full Unicode implementation. UTF-16/32 using  ICU4-53.1 support.

                                    Unicode power tools added, examine/convert/lookup..  Existing tools

                                    upgraded including Mega-String, Hex Viewer and new Flags options added.

                                    All existing tools are upgraded to handle Unicode (and standard Ascii).

New chart harness added for tables.

Reworked UI controls providing smooth flicker-free drawing.

                                                            Some bug fixes from version 5, along with lots of new code.


Unicode usage samples are included in the packed zip downloads

                                    along with a formatted Chinese dictionary (see Samples).




5.2(30) -3/9/15:           New independent undo harness for Test Edit boxes. Program performance increases.


5.2(20) -3/4/15:           Fully functional Trial Version released!

- Includes all  formatting functions.


5.2(10) - 2/25/15:        Added new edit context utilities: “Line Wrap” and “Word Wrap”

- Line wrap just wraps lines at a given width. Useful for making compressed

  Regexs’ block sized, that can be made into C-style strings in the “MegaString” Utility.

- Word wrap does intelligent typesetting and wraps at a given width.


5.2(8)   - 2/22/15:        Added new tool:  “Strings to Regex – Ternary Tree”

                                    - Powerful Trie utility, converts input strings into a Ternary Tree,

                                                              generates a compressed  and/or  formatted Regex from tree.

                                      See  Dictionary  regex samples created with tool.  Screenshot of tool.


5.2(7)   - 2/1/15:          Made the Test toolbar button a toolbar menu button.

Allows for several Test-Macro creation startup types.


5.2(6)   - 1/25/15:        New “Tools” heading on Main Menu.

Added new tool:  “Generate Regex from integer Number Range” (+/- 64-bit).

Screenshot of tool.


5.2(5)   - 1/15/15:        Modified Format features.

5.2(4)   - 1/11/15:        Added open multiple files from standard File Open dialog.

5.2(3)   - 1/2/15:          Fixed “Find reached starting point” bug.

5.2(1)   - 12/22/14:      Enhanced Auto-Mac function.

5.2(0)   - 12/7/14:        New release – Support Perl 5.20 Regex constructs.


RegexFormat 6 introduces many new components unavailable in the previous version(5).

It is a full featured Unicode version, with an emphasis on power.

Integrated throughout the application is a complete regex testing harness powered by Boost’s

Regex Engine (Copyright © John Maddock).  A powerful Macro harness sits on top of this engine

and integrates into a find/replace paradigm. An infinite number of regular expression items

can be created and stored into Macro Libraries. Items can be tested/re-tested right from the

document, stored in a library or in a document, be made into menu items, and exist as re-usable

application objects.


There is precise control available when running a macro item (regex). You can control what to test

and positional, where to test. It’s as simple as positioning the cursor and hitting F-3.

All actions dynamically update a heads-up Match results pane. 


In essence, the RegexFormat 6 engine does externally what language engines do internally (requiring

long code sections) in a dynamic and very fast user interface. This is absolutely the fastest way to

analyze and design regular expressions.


Other accessories were added:   Full featured Hex Editor.  Expanded Mega-String that now does parsing

of any string(s) combination’s.


All these new features (and old) are a fully integrated part of the Application, accessible from anywhere

at anytime.


RegexFormat 6 screenshot’s:


   Tool-1,  Tool-2,   Screen1,  Screen2,  Screen3,  Screen4,  Screen5,  Screen6,  Screen7




Supported Platforms:

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10




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