RegexFormat – Version 7 History


*Major release:  Version 7 – (10/10/2015)  Unicode, ICU4-53.1 


*New - Regex Benchmark software added.


Version History   ( Last release:  7.3 (33) )


7.3 (33)  -9/14/16:       Fixed a sometimes-flicker issue with the Input or Test edit boxes when they get focus.


7.3 (32)  -9/12/16:       Added adjustable Text Shading for Inactive MDI Views. This is a visual aid to help see the current active

view being worked on. The percent shading  ( None, or 30-60% )  can be set from the main menu

Layout->Document & MDI Tabs->Text Shading – Inactive View.


7.3 (31)  -9/7/16:         - Added a quick access Hotkey (CTRL-F8) for editor windows. This invokes the Offset Text (shift) dialog.

This will automatically select the Input Column Text radio group allowing quick changes to the column text

used to insert text at selected columns via the F8 hotkey. Other shift operations can also be accessed instead

- Additionally, a bug fix for Hex Viewer when Auto-Goto-Source is locked. Now correctly goes to the absolute source

position when viewing only a sub-selection of the source text.


7.3 (30)  -9/5/16:         Added Modification to Regex Testing Engine 6.1 (0) :

- Allow Nested Back Reference. This allows a back reference to the

capture group currently being parsed ( before the group is fully parsed ).

This avoids the previously seen ‘Undefined capture group’ error in this particular case.

Example:   (?: (?<A> \g{A}? a ) )+   is  ok.


Previous modifications of the engine were carried forward ( see releases 7.0(6) and 6.1(0) in history ).

Please report any  bugs to  support.


Note - For ‘Forward References’, the reference group must have been previously defined

( though a workaround is to pre-declare the group inside a (?(DEFINE)) construct ).

Currently, the  ‘Forward References’ issue is being looked into for a possible mod.


7.3 (27)  -9/3/16:         Cosmetic changes:

                                    Add global-shortcut text to Find/Replace button.

                                    Add version info to Startup Quick Settings Dialog.


7.3 (26)  -8/5/16:         - Added menu item to Find/Replace dialog for the Macro button:

                                    “Create macro item from test”. This was formerly only available on the

                                    context menu’s of the input/output editors.

                                    Also reworded create items to add clarity.


7.3 (25)  -8/1/16:         - Added Combine Common Ranges option in Number Range to Regex tool.

                                    - Fixed a minor issue with the word wrap utility.


7.3 (23)  -7/26/16:       Added  a new option in Flags in the Format section, for simple expansion

                                    of Backtracking Control Verbs (*VERBS).


7.3 (21)  -7/19/16:       This release completes a series of  usability / GUI  enhancements.

- Added selectable color scheme’s for ‘Input Bar’ (Regex Manager) window

( RxManager color scheme ).

- Added a new Pane Layout 5 that puts the ‘Input Bar’ (Regex Manager)

into Auto-Hide mode. This opens up screen real-estate for output processing.

Note that since %99 of work is done via the ‘Output’ window via ‘Auto-Format’

the Regex Manager auto slide in/out is a logical choice

( RxManager slide-in mode and slide-out mode ).


7.3 (20)  -7/15/16:       - Added background branding image/logo to MDIClient window.

Visual cue that no document is open: mdi_logo.

- Changed all  VisualManagers to show a darker separation between

tab groups (see: GetTabFrameColors). Spotting the splitter

is much easier: mdi_splitter.


7.3 (19)  -7/12/16:       - Added to Hex Viewer.

Summary of Auto-Repeat for the Find - Next / Previous functions:

1.    Invoked by <F3> and <Shift-F3> shortcut key’s.

2.    Invoked by <Shift> + mouse hover over button’s.

3.    Invoked by Left-Button-Down on button’s.

Methods 2 and 3 can be used together to throttle up/down the rate of repetition.

Auto-Repeat can be used with or without the Auto-Find Source lock button.

First introduced in 7.3 (8). 

- In Hex Viewer , fixed a custom painting issue if an Aero theme is enabled.

- Fixed a bug, resource leak when a GetDC was not being released with ReleaseDC.


7.3 (17)  -7/10/16:       - Add option to change the MDI Tab Frame Size. Available from Layout - MDI menu.

- Update for MDI Tab Floating Close Button. Fixed an artifact when dragging tab

to a new group


7.3 (12)  -6/28/16:       - Changed MDI Tab Floating Close Button to be triggered via painting

(OnDrawTab) instead of the previous way. Results in a quicker, more accurate display.

- Added shading indicator when mouse over MDI Tab.

- Changed the Floating Close Button to a 3D look.


7.3 (10)  -6/19/16:       - Added ‘Sort’ and ‘Reverse’ order loading  options to the Layout menu for

File Open and Drag/Drop when multiple file’s are selected.

- Fixed a layout issue when an MDI Tab gets activated.


7.3 (5-8)  -6/14/16:     - Added to Hex Viewer, Auto-Find Source lock button. The source text will

be automatically selected when stepping with the Find – Next / Prev function.

- Added to Hex Viewer, mouse Auto-Repeat for the Find - Next / Prev functions.

When the left mouse button is pressed for more than 500 ms, the repeat mode

is triggered at 50 ms intervals.

- Added to Hex Viewer, Find - Next / Prev stepping. Allows stepping to the next

Position in the control within the selected category of characters.

These are the highlight categories. There is a dual selection functionality.

The check box controls the highlighting, while it’s Label is used as a static button

to select the current Find - Next / Prev category.

Screenshot:  Hex Next/Previous

- In the Hex Viewer, modified the ‘Find in Source’  to make the source selection mirror

the control selection ( up or down ).

- Changed the application’s status bar -  Line, Position and Size indicators to separate

thousand’s places with commas.


7.3 (3)  -6/5/16:           Fixed a rich edit control line spacing issue in the Hex Viewer.

                                    This was a long standing paragraph formatting problem that is now resolved.


7.3 (2)  -6/2/16:           Added new context menu for the Property pane.

                                    Expand, contract, Show all metrics, and Generate report.

The  ‘Report Generator’ is for the document Properties.

Options to select some or all groups from the Property view bar.

Groups include: Input, Output, Errors or Format Metrics.

A separate modification included a tweak of the Find/Replace mechanism.


7.3   -5/30/16:             New Sub-version release  with 1.61 regex engine. Previous releases used 1.59.

The updated engine supports a limited ( but most used ) Perl / PCRE set of

Backtracking Control Verbs: PRUNE, SKIP, THEN, COMMIT, FAIL, ACCEPT.

Custom modifications of the engine with respect to property classes were

carried forward ( see releases 7.0(6) and 6.1(0) in history ).

Release adds a metrics category for the new verbs.

The last release using the 1.59 engine can be downloaded here 7.2 (22).

Please report any  bugs to  support.


7.2 (22)  -5/23/16:       Added ‘Clear MRU List’  item in the main File menu.


7.2 (18)  -5/20/16:       Switched to a different Rev. Rich Edit control.

This version also fixes an undiscovered long time problem of occasionally

the incorrect input data would display when the active document changed.

This was just a display problem that did not interfere with the functionality

of formatting (please update to this version).


7.2 (16)  -4/29/16:       Added Flags items to process spaces as either wrapped in a class ‘[ ]’

or escaped ‘\  ‘ (default) when formatting compressed expressions.

For quick access a shortcut was placed on the Flags context Menu

and as an option on the Startup dialog.


7.2 (15)  -4/25/16:       Added items to MDI Tab context menu.

                                    Menu contains: Save / Close / Close All But This / Copy Path / Open Containing Folder

                                    items.  Also smoothed MDI Tooltip and Close button timings.


7.2 (14)  -4/23/16:       Fixed a problem with not fully broadcasting when a new regex was loaded.

This problem resulted from an optimization for the 7.2 (4)  update

(this issue is fully resolved).


7.2 (12)  -4/13/16:       Hex Viewer modifications:   ( Hex0,  Hex1,  Hex2,  Hex3,  Hex4 )


- Added a “Find in source” button that selects and brings into view the

source text in the originating window that corresponds to the selected text

in the hex viewer. The viewer remains open.

- Added a show optional Highlight color legend to the metric's section.

- Separated the printable category into ASCII and Unicode for highlighting

and metrics.

- Added a real-time counter of the absolute source text position that corresponds

to the current cursor position. Useful when locating characters in the source text.


- Fixed slowdown when scrolling with caret in large sized text source (> 7 MB).

- Fixed a drawing artifact on MDI tab group parent frame when resizing via an

internal border. Happens with 3 or more tab groups containing more

tabs than can be displayed.

- Fixed a drawing artifact on MDI tab group parent frame when resizing via an

internal border. Happens with 3 or more tab groups containing more

tabs than can be displayed. Affect was minimal.

- Fixed a bug that caused an unpaired surrogate, at the end of column

partition, from rendering a line break in the Unicode edit box.


7.2 (6)  -3/21/16:         Changed Benchmark iterations x 1000  to an option. Previously, 1 x 1000

was the minimum. Now allows iterations to include from 1 to 999 (< 1000).

This resolves the issue when benchmarking a sample that could have many

matches where it is desired to do only a few iteration’s.


7.2 (4)  -3/19/16:         Improved testing speed between successive find next regex matches.


7.2 (3)  -3/17/16:         Fixed main window resizing latency issue which occurred with 30 or more

open documents.


7.2   -3/11/16:             New Sub-version released. Cumulative updates since 7.1 release.

Internal rework of the regex input subsystem.


7.1 (19)  -3/9/16:         Fixed issue with MDI tab close button and status bar focus update.


7.1 (18)  -3/8/16:         Added a menu item (from Layout->Document submenu) to change the

text limit for editors. Limit is selectable from 4 (default)  to  400 MB.

Fixed a minor issue that caused the test window to update prematurely when

closing an inactive MDI tab.


7.1 (12)  -2/18/16:       Added optional show Visual Studio style ‘Close Button’ on MDI tabs.

                                    For all MDI tabs - shows a close button to the right of the document name

when the mouse hovers over tab. Functionally equivalent to VS.

Option is turned on/off from the main menu Layout popup.


7.1 (9)  -2/9/16:           Fixed an interface bug in the Benchmark software.


7.1 (8)  -2/3/16:           Added a Quick Settings startup dialog on initial install. Can be disabled from

showing at startup or left enabled for easy access.

Added more comment shapes selectable from the Flags context menu.


7.1 (7)  -1/30/16:         Added a “Scratch Pad” pane. This pane is common to all documents and can be

used as a common test sample for all open regex documents. This differs from the

Test pane, which contains text specific to the document. The scratch pad text is

temporary in that it is not saved to any document, and is especially useful as a

common test box when a regex document is forked (duplicated) and testing

multiple versions.


7.1 (6)  -1/21/16:         Added option of Floating Close button on MDI tabs when hovering with mouse.

                                    Hides when mouse goes out of tab area.


7.1 (5)  -1/19/16:         7.1.2 – 7.1.5 Minor find/relace navigation fix.

Added new options in Ternary Tool.


7.1 (1)  -1/8/16:           Added a Report Generator for the Benchmark Suite.


7.1       -1/6/16:           New sub-version released. Primary New features:

-  Regular Expression Benchmark Suite.

Accurate microsecond timer results.

Can run up to two tests at a time for side by side comparison results.

The benchmark runs in its own thread and can be cancelled at any time.

Multiple selectable input parameters control the test, including setting iterations from

1 to 9999 ( x 1000 ), and setting the maximum matches per iteration.


7.0 (7)  -11/14/15:       Enabled and made functional “Format Output” of Expanded/Compressed views.

This modification is functionally equivalent to the same method within the Format view.

The text is pushed to the input view, formatted then displayed in the Format Output



            7.0 (6)  -11/2/15:         Modified regex engine (1.59)  to parse / accept a single character abbreviation

for Unicode ICU property classes:  \pC, \pL, \pM, \pN, \pP, \pS, and  \pZ.

Previously, these abbreviations were available only with a trailing *.

This modification enhances the engine functionality as Perl/PCRE engines.


            7.0 (5)  -10/20/15:       Fixed a minor issue with pane slide-out if mouse hover when

app is not in foreground.


            7.0 (4)  -10/15/15:       Added  ESC key,  instant- slide-hide  if pane  is  in AutoHide mode.


7.0       -10/10/15:       Primary New features:

-  Implements a global “Test History” with aging.

                                    This is a custom list control background window that records every

test operation that is made in the system. It is best accessed as

an auto-hide window docked to the side of the main frame.

This control allows one click access to a previous test, enabling

switching from one test state to another, even if the originating window

is gone. This control is fully user programmable within its bar,

including settings such as aging, purging, and a special “pin” column

in the list giving quick access to items and making them immune to

manual or aging purge. A useful “pin” implementation is to pre-load

many MACRO items, then switch between them to manipulate target text.

The main purpose of this control is to easily switch between multiple

test’s. But has many side advantages, such as acting like a undo

harness (in both directions) where you select at what point you want

to restore, or use.

- Auto-Hide mode is now available for all window panes.

This really helps when the real estate keeps shrinking.

Many pre-designed base layouts have been added and accessible from

a toolbar. Some include strategic auto-hiding of pane clusters like

flags/properties/errors, freeing up large portions  of  the screen for other



Tools screenshots:


            Strings to Regex – Ternary Tree             Number Range to Regex



Benchmark screenshots:


            Bench1                         Bench2

                        Bench3                         Bench Report Generator 


General RegexFormat 7 screenshot’s:


            Screen1                       Screen7

                        Screen2                       Screen8

            Screen3                       Screen9

                        Screen4                       Screen10

            Screen5                       Screen11





Supported Platforms:

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10




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