Formatted Annotations








(See also Formatting and Group Counting)


Annotations are available only for Formatted output.


Annotations are embedded into the output text when this is

enabled in the Annotations section in the Flags Pane.

Turn it on/off here:




Annotations are verbose indicators of the Capture groupís number

as well as Conditionals (and their locations).


The nesting pattern of annotations are different than that of the

formatted regular expression. This pattern is relative to the annotation,

making it easy for the eye to distinguish this information from the

regular expression.


Group numbers are nested relative to other groups.

Conditionalís are not numbered, but maintain nesting relative to

other conditionals.


Annotations are just a visual aid and are the default when the

application is first installed.

When annotations are disabled, the output formatted regular

expression is usually a bit different.


Commented capture group annotation can also be made part of the

formatted regular expression by enabling the auto-generate capture

group number feature in the Free Comments section in the Flags Pane

(see also Comment Handling).



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