RegexFormat 9  -  Unicode (15.1) Special Edition


Prime Series  -  Latest build:  9.5 -20      *     Released:  2-7-2024






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- January 17, 2024


It has come to our attention that the company  Stack Overflow”  purchased  by “Prosus  is in fact a NAZI,  Fascist



The evidence is given here: 

This regex question was Closed by a user ‘@Chris’ who knows nothing about regex, and therefore could

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the question for clarity with an image. The sample text was not actually needed to answer the question.

When this was explained to him by the regex expert SLN (who commented),  he discounted it as irrelevant.

He repeatedly insisted that if text was put in his way he would re-open the question. Again more explaining to him

that doing it that way would obfuscate a method to solve the problem and make the question un-answerable.

Never the less, SLN edited the question with the text he demanded. When then asked,  ‘@Chris’ would not open it.

The result;  all of SLN comments were deleted, but not ones from user ‘@Chris’ who apparently trolls the site.

The Original Poster of the question was eventually portrayed as the victim by ‘@Chris’  and SLN was demonized.

The message was ‘shut up or this will happen to you too’.  What happened next ?


   Screen Shot of the question and Comments (some comments could not be recovered before being deleted)

             ->  COMMENTS


    After 2 days:

    SLN  Suspension 1 yr      ->    Banned  ( link )

    Erased  Proof                   ->    Question Deleted   ( link )


Prosus accomplishes the promotion of  NAZI  Fascism  within its  educational suites.

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- July 20, 2023


It has come to our attention that the company  Stack Overflow”  purchased  by “Prosus  in it’s unacceptable behavior

will be banned from the purchase of RegexFormat. This includes all of it’s employees including developers,

from this date forward.


This is a  permanent revocation. This applies to all company’s that Prosus owns as well.

Democracy is at stake, we take a stand !



March 26, 2021 


Product demonstrations will start to be uploaded to Youtube soon.

Keep an eye out for RDNC Software and subscribe.

These demo’s will be performed by our resident experts. They will be

very informative for beginners all the way up to advanced.





Exclusions from sale of product


August 14, 2022



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Sales and support for RegexFormat is withdrawn for the companies “Facebook” and “Google”,   all of it’s employees including developers,

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We developers here as always, are taking  a stand to protect US Democracy, starting in our own back yard !

Democracy is at stake, we take a stand !




July 5, 2022



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Sales and support for RegexFormat is withdrawn for states controlled by Republican lawmakers who have outlawed women’s

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   Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska,

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  (some overlap is noted with other listed states)


We developers here as always, are taking  a stand to protect US Democracy, starting in our own back yard !

Democracy is at stake, we take a stand !




Exclusions continued( also,  free product key information )







RegexFormat 9  -  Unicode (15.1) Special Edition



Prime Version 9.5.20      Released  2-7-2024


Explore Unicode  15.1   with super controls.


This version is built with VS2015 and requires either VS2015 or VS2017 MFC / CRT  runtime libraries.

The Setup program will NOT install these runtime libraries by default.

This temporary fix was necessary because VS2015 distributable won’t install over an VS2017 runtime,

causing the RegexFormat setup to abort.


Redistributables available here:




Available in 32 and 64 bit versions.


Notes: If you would like to see a feature added or expanded please message support with your request.



Quick Download

A zipped install of the latest version can be downloaded here:


Prime  -  32-bit : Version 9      and      Prime  -  64-bit : Version 9 



            Quick Links:


Download  or  Samples  directory,     v7  or  v6   history



   Important Note(s):

RegexFormat 9 uses crypto services from CryptoAPI.dll. This is usually  located in the

Windows\System32 directory. Please insure that it is installed.




Version History   ( Latest build:  9.5 - 07 )



Version 9.5 –20       2/7/2024            Release 9.5-20  includes   Unicode 15.1   via   ICU4-74.2   (CLDR 44.1)

                                                       Added 5 new Unicode (UCD) Utilities in the UNi tool (tabbed) Dialog.



Version 9.5 –07       2/2/2024            Made it easier, one-click, to convert a doc attachment (regex) into a MACRO which can then be saved to

                                                       a macro file for later reuse as a utility.

                                                       Also added a few useful macro’s to the standard file that is shipped.

                                                       Coming soon: Chained / Programmable Macro entities.



Version 9.5 –05       12/9/2023          New Splash screen.



Version 9.5 –02    11/19/2023      Release of the initial Prime Series.  A new level of RegexFormat.



Version 9.5 – 0   9/22/2023        Release minor sub-version 9.5   includes   Unicode 15.0   via   ICU4-72.1

                                                       This version also includes a highly sophisticated margin control system embedded into discrete button controls

                                                       and is standard  in the major tool windows where formatting is possible.

                                                       Version also includes many other carry over, undocumented enhancements.

                                                       Also, see the link above on how to get a free product key.



Version 9.4 –91       5/31/2023          Added a Sort Option ( ascending/descending ) with a Remove Duplicates sub-option within the Input cluster

                                                       of the Strings To Regex Ternary Tool.

                                                       Screen shot :   Ternary Tool (new Sort)



Version 9.4 –90       5/15/2023          Re-released CSV Conversion, Parse and Make Tool Enhanced Version.

                                                       This version adds in line conversion:  stripping field quotes and quoting all fields options.

                                                       These options are separate and can be used together or individually. They are homogenous

                                                       With the other conversion options. This powerful conversion tool is unique among available tools.

                                                       This is the one! Grab it !

                                                       Many other general bug fixes included.

                                                       Screen shot :   CSV Conversion Tool

                                                       <demo video link>



Version 9.4 –80       4/16/2023          Introducing  a  comprehensive  CSV Conversion, Parse and Make Tool.

                                                       Supports accurate delimiter conversions, parsing into records, editing and (re)making of CSV files.

                                                       Also supports substantial quoting options like stripping, adding and escaping and field merging.



Version 9.4 –73       2/18/2023          Completed and added a comprehensive CSV parser option. Accessible through the

                                                       Regex Ternary Tree Generation Tool  Dialog.



Version 9.4 –72       2/3/2023            Regex Factor engine mods.   Enhancements -  edge cases. Excellent coverage.



Version 9.4 –67       1/28/2023          Added more sort options in the Regex Ternary Tree Generation Tool.



Version 9.4 –65       1/2/2023            Regex Factor Engine mods :  Resolve all quantifier modifier nesting within Single entity Cluster Removal.

                                                       This resolves all quantifiers to it’s simplest state. Pertains to Single entity clustering and other types.

                                                       This is a recursive operation until all quantifier states are resolved during the refractor process.



Version 9.4 – 60 12/15/2022      Release 9.4.60 

                                            Major added feature in the UCD Query Dialogue,  Custom Regex page.

                                                       We are pleased to introduce a “Target last result” option mode that uses the last result output as a target of the next regex.

                                                       This allows chaining, mixing multiple Name or Codepoint subset searches.

                                                       This is managed with a pair of left / right buttons to scroll previous or next result seamlessly as needed for

                                                       inspection or to start a new query at any point in the chain.



Version 9.4 –51       12/2/2022          Refined Benchmark Dialog control and handling and  mode cue's used for navigation”.  Provides a  better  user experience.




Version 9.4 – 50 10/24/2022      Release 9.4.50   includes   Unicode 15.0   via   ICU4-72.1


                                            Database has  many  added characters and properties all of which are accessible via Rxf.



Version 9.4 –22       8/11/2022          Strings to Regex  additions:

                                                       Added a check box to select converting literal Space to class ‘[  ]’ on output. The default is a space is unchanged.



Version 9.4 –20       7/25/2022          UCD Query Dialogue additions:

                                                       Within the Custom Tab,   added a radio button pair to allow selection that specifies if the regex search is to be

                                                       applied  toward  the  finding of Codepoint Values  or  Codepoint Names.  This is a powerful addition to the custom regex

                                                       capabilities to query  the UCD.

                                                       Many other code enhancements as well.

                                                        <img link>



Version 9.4 –1         2/2/2022            GUI  improvements:

                                                       Refined Toolbar Custom user controlled setting interface.

                                                       Individual toolbars can be set to show text (if any) below the buttons. This is a standard right click the left

                                                       part of the toolbar and select Customize. Highlight the toolbar that needs to be changed, then select or

                                                       deselect the “show text below button” check box ( selecting “Reset” from the Custom Toolbar Dialog resets toolbars ).

                                                       Notably, the Test Toolbar can be made smaller by having the text to the left of the button which shrinks up the

                                                       upper menu space if needed. The default is the Test Toolbar has text below and the others have no text at all.

                                                       Additionally, if Reset Layout is selected from the Layout menu, the default toolbar sizes will be rendered.

                                                       In the future, this standard Microsoft Toolbar manipulation will be brought out to the Layout menu for  convenience

                                                       as new Toolbars are added.



Version 9.4 – 0   1/11/2022        Release minor sub-version 9.4   includes   Unicode 14.0   via   ICU4-70.1


                                                       Database has  many  added characters and properties all of which are accessible via Rxf.

                                                       Also introduced is  a  new formatting  indent shape-offset  of 2 characters.

                                                       The indent shape options  are now 2, 3, 5 characters, with and without margin padding.

                                                       All comment shapes continue as before and auto-adjust as needed.



Version 9.3 – 92      1/7/2022            Shadow buffers will now do  CRLF Translation  based  on the global setting from the Mainframe Toolbar.

                                                       Also, vertical tabs are now translated into the literal  text  ‘\v’   when any formatting operation is done.

                                                       This can be suppressed in the configuration if needed as not all engines recognize this literal as a vertical tab character.



Version 9.3 – 91      1/4/2022            Balance Text Tool editing was inadvertently disabled for all except the parenthesis pair. 

                                                       This is now fixed for the other paired text. These include   () , [] , {} , <>. More might be added in the future.

                                                       The text to find its balance is selectable from the main window toolbar.

                                                       The main editors will highlight the balanced text when double clicking either on the start or end of

                                                       one of the paired  text.



Version 9.3 – 85      10/27/2021        Regex ReFactor  Class factoring modifications :

                                                       Added a option layer to allow partitioning of a range into component ranges.

                                                       The three literal range type are: Ascii, Ext-Ascii and Unicode range(s).

                                                       Partitioning is turned on by default. This option applies to all the range types collectively

                                                       that renders up to 6 different affects.  See update 9.3 – 83 for how these are used.

                                                       ( press the “Set Prefer” button to configure ).



Version 9.3 – 83      10/14/2021        Regex ReFactor  Class factoring modifications :

                                                       - Expanded un-escaping of class character literals.

                                                       This includes all non-alpha, non-numeric ASCII as well as all characters extending out to  U+10FFFF.

                                                       Meta characters are automatically set escaped.

                                                       - Also added configurable “Input Range  types that will consume or be absorbed by expansion then condensing.

                                                       This includes setting one or all of Ascii, Ext-Ascii and/or Unicode range(s) as specified in the configuration dialog.

                                                       ( press the “Set Prefer” button to configure ).



Version 9.3 – 80      9/7/2021            Regex ReFactor  class factoring.  Full condense and resolve positive and negative classes.

                                                       This release features a configurable class factoring special groups and sorting.

                                                       Class factoring is now an amazing full feature tool.  Demo video’s will be uploaded shortly.

                                                       Screen shot :   <img link>



Version 9.3 – 79      8/31/2021          Regex ReFactor  class factoring.  Full condense and resolve positive and negative classes.

                                                       The next release will allow configurable output to the class editing resolve and condense.

                                                       This will include the ability to bring out or condense into ranges, major ascii categories. 

                                                       Sort order and setting ranges and notation of characters in the Unicode basic and extended layers.




Version 9.3 – 76      6/27/2021          Regex ReFactor completed full class factoring.  Engine almost complete.

                                                       The upcoming minor sub version 9.4 will provide a few more factoring changes and will be almost complete.

                                                       At this point, there is way too many demo’s that could be made. Below is just a sample.

                                                       Expect many more demos to be uploaded to the RegexFormat YouTube channel.

                                                       If you would like to contribute a factoring demo or would like to see a specific factoring functionality,

                                                       Contact us via the Support email.














Version 9.3 – 28      5/15/2021          Regex ReFactor engine mods :

                                                       Both the   Strings To Regex Thread  and   Regex Refactor Thread   dialog threads have these new features.


                                                       - Expanded Alts-To-Class character qualification to now include all character constructs that can be

                                                       joined into a class.

                                                       Includes :  non-boundary escape characters,  escape sequences like Hex \x.. or \x{},

                                                       Octal  \o{},  Uni  \u.... or \u{},  Universal \U........ ,  Named Uni \N {..} , Property '\p' or '\P' forms.

                                                       As the resultant class is constructed it is condensed into ranges where applicable.

                                                       After being condensed, it is custom sorted to group alpha-nums and \d\w\s grouped to the front

                                                       and pairing of positive/negative classes like \d\D for an easy visualized assessment.

                                                       The next major improvement will be the processing of Alts-Classes To Class where multiple classes

                                                       are merged and resolved.


                                                       - Added additional option to remove cluster group  (?: _ )  that are surrounded by alt-like boundary’s.

                                                       This exposes the cluster contents to a wide range of factoring available in other parts of the engine

                                                       further reducing it’s size and increasing its speed.

                                                       This is a major expansion of capability. This opens the door to more factoring outcome options.



Version 9.3 – 27      5/12/2021          See new  Regex Refactor Thread   dialog that has  this new feature:

                                                       New capabilities added to the Factor Engine to fine tune the parsing that allows for specific 

                                                       Classes for Perl, Dot-Net and Java engines. This is a base layer added to the factor engine.

                                                       This is selectable from the Refactor dialog as well as allowing the formatter to use that engine or not.

                                                       In the near future, a class combining resolve feature will be built upon this foundation as well.

                                                       For now, this Refactor tool has to be considered the most powerful regex processing tool there is.



Version 9.3 – 25      4/17/2021          Strings to Regex supertool mod :

                                                       New boundary option’s added :  “Assert Boundary”  and   “Assert Alpha-Num”.



Version 9.3 – 23      4/8/2021            Regex ReFactor engine mod :

                                                       Added an additional option to convert simple capture groups  ( _ )  to cluster groups  (?: _ ).

                                                       Some use capture groups as it were a cluster context. Some older engines don’t even allow cluster syntax.

                                                       However, the factor engine is geared towards clusters as factoring items out of capture groups

                                                       is not desirable.  This allows the deeper factoring that occurs in the engine within clustered groups.

                                                       This option is only available in the  Regex Refactor Thread dialog.



Version 9.3 – 22      4/5/2021            Regex ReFactor engine mod :

                                                       Added additional option to remove cluster group  (?: _ )  surrounding  multiple

                                                       entities if that group is not quantified. 

                                                       The existing single entity option would remove the cluster syntax even if it is quantified.

                                                       This opens the door to more factoring outcomes.

                                                       Both the   Strings To Regex Thread  and   Regex Refactor Thread   dialog threads have this new feature.



Version 9.3 – 21      3/26/2021        Changes :


                                                       - Undo System;  Added a layout option to show selection (if any) after an Undo editor operaton.

                                                       It is sometimes annoying to see a highlighted selection state at the end of a

                                                       series of editor Undo operation. This is now optional.


                                                       - Strings to Regex supertool;  A new boundary option “Multi-Line” was added.  This option will

                                                       auto-construct  the text   (?m)^(?: ___ )$   that will surround the generated / factored regex.

                                                       Additionally,  beefed up the  “Piped”  generated / factored regex  routines.



Version 9.3 – 19      3/6/2021            Fixed the bug in Replace All command when using  UTF-8/32 mode.

                                                       This was known to exist for a long time. Finally got around to

                                                       fixing it. The fix was delayed since it is a seldom used feature.

                                                       The source buffer length was being miscalculated.



Version 9.3 – 16      2/20/2021          Enhancements to the Strings to Regex tool.


                                                       Added more ways to make and factor regex from your lists :


                                                        - Generate Piped Regex Button. It’s just like the Generate Ternary Rx

                                                           except it takes the input and makes alternation regex.

                                                           Sorting is an option selected with the combo box.

                                                           All factoring functions work with this option as well.


                                                        - A piped delimiter parsing option. Also a parse now button

                                                           that will take the input, parse it and create a new display list.


                                                       These capabilities build upon and are seamlessly integrated into the

                                                       existing capabilities.


                                                       Also, note that the max loops param was set to 20 as a default.

                                                       When the max is reached, a message asks whether to do another

                                                       round of max loops. Or, it can be cancelled and the current factoring

                                                       will be output. Set this param to 0 to have unlimited loops.

                                                       And as always, this output can be pasted into the ReFactor Tool

                                                       to be further reduced as needed.

                                                       Screen shot :   Strings To Regex Thread



Version 9.3 – 12      1/29/2021          Major improvements to the Match Results Pane.

                                                       Added a tool bar combo that can be used to select how the results are to

                                                       be displayed. Very slick interface!

                                                       Options are :

                                                         Sort either Ascending or Descending Groups by one of :

                                                         - Number

                                                         - Name

                                                         - Position matched

                                                       There has always been the option to view only named groups.

                                                       All these capabilities are seamlessly integrated into a now

                                                       Classified Super Tool.    Screen shot :   Super Match Results



Version 9.3 – 1  to  11                       Threads were created for the Regex Refactor Thread  and  Strings To Regex Thread

                                                       tools to do regex Generation processing.    Both of these tools use the

                                                       regex Factor Engine that was created for release 9.3.

                                                       These tools can be run concurrently in separate threads.

                                                       This also allows regex processing in the main window at the same time.

                                                       Each of these threads can be cancelled at any time via their independent

                                                       run dialogs that monitor them.



Version 9.3 – 0   10/29/2020      Release minor sub-version 9.3


                                                       This sub-version release is to introduce the new  Regex ReFactor  interface.

                                                       These iterative routines are extremely advanced and tailored for all regex flavors.

                                                       Formerly used as an internal series of helper’s, the functionality has been greatly

                                                       expanded and extended for use as a stand alone tool.  It is user configured and

                                                       used on compressed regex segments.   As a convince, besides being accessed from

                                                       the Tools menu as a modless dialog, it can also be accessed from the tool bar in each

                                                       document frame when the Compressed Output tab is active.

                                                       It will take the contents of the frame’s text (compressed)  which gets passed to the

                                                       ReFactor dialog.  There the input can be modified, pasted, etc…

                                                       This is a stand alone tool.   Screen shot :   Regex Refactor Thread




Version 9.2 – 0   8/12/2020        Release minor sub-version 9.2


                                                       This sub-version release is to introduce new format indenting options.

                                                       This offers greater flexibility when formatting regular expressions.

                                                       The optional indentation now available is 3 (with/without margin padding) and 5.

                                                       This indentation affects the comment shape as well. It also affects annotations.

                                                       Future versions will have even greater user control formatting options.

                                                       Now formatting regex can be customized to create unique polished professional





Version 9.1 – 29      7/10/2020          Modified Undo System to include whitespace character undo.

                                                       This achieves the best granularity, and will  provide a complete and  smooth Undo.



Version 9.1 – 27      6/21/2020          Modified Hex Reader Utility to open files and highlight quicker.



Version 9.1 – 25      6/13/2020          Pleased to release an update to the Mega-Convert Utility :

                                                       Added an option to convert only Un-Paired Surrogate Characters (Utf-16) 

                                                       to another form.  Screenshot Mega-Convert.



Version 9.1 – 24      6/2/2020            Fixed a bug in Number Range to Regex - Advanced when first range digit > 0

                                                       that is preceded by 0(s), generated the wrong  regex range. This came into existence

                                                       after the great floating point enhancement. This bug is named ‘ed-1001’ .

                                                       Generated regex ranges work correctly now. 

                                                       If this is encountered in the future, please inform support.



Version 9.1 – 23      5/8/2020            Fixed a bug in Mega-Conversion Tool when converting from Code Point notation.

                                                       This was a minor bug. Works correctly now.



Version 9.1 – 22      4/26/2020          Enhancement in the C-Props  (character properties tab) from the UCD Interface

                                                       control that allows the floating of the properties list. This window is resizable allowing

                                                       all properties to be visible without scrolling if needed.



Version 9.1 – 21      4/6/2020            Fixed up  handling of  \Q .. \E  in format, compress and expand modes.




Version 9.1 – 20      3/12/2020          Upgraded versions to  Unicode  13.0,  and  Icu  66.1.

                                                       - A new tab is added in the UCD Interface super control. 

                                                       The tab is labeled C-Props  (character properties).

                                                       It allows scrolling through a text sample and lists all properties associated with

                                                       the current selected sample character. There is a watch (snapshot) feature that

                                                       enables quick comparison of how properties change from one character to the next.

                                                       This functionality will be supersized in the upcoming release of Version 9.2



Version 9.1 – 12      1/7/2020            Happy New Year !!


                                                       Enhanced  Mega-Convert Tool – Added separate conversion options for

                                                       Ascii lower ranges 0x01 – 0x1F (control) ,  0x20 (space)  ,  0x21 – 0x7E (printable).

                                                       which join the existing Ascii extended range.

                                                       These characters can be excluded from conversion with an optional user-entered

                                                       regex class.  Example :  exclude characters that match  [^a-zA-Z]



Version 9.1 – 10      12/13/2019        Added UCD property dialog menu item in the list context. This enables

                                                       shortcut property names from the list to be toggled  or  turned  on / off.



Version 9.1 – 9        11/21/2019        Added a new tool :   Balanced Text Tool   to the editors. This tool

                                                       enhances  regex  editing  to find  balanced  group and  class syntax.

                                                       Accessible via  h<F2> for Next,  <SHIFT - F2> for Previous hotkeys

                                                       as well as from context menu’s.

                                                       This is a separate built-in find structure. Available balanced text include

                                                       () ,  [ ] .  { },  < >   which are selectable from a combo box button

                                                       from  the  main  toolbar.

                                                       Screen shot :  < add >



Version 9.1 – 6        9/14/2019          New layouts added and various cumulative fixes done.

                                                       Stable version.



Version 9.1 – 1        8/3/2019            New additions / modifications:

                                                       - Added new Flags in the Format section that allow expansion of

                                                       escaped Metacharacters. It is the default but can be turned off.

                                                       - Converted all the tools suites into Modeless dialogs. It’s persistent,

                                                       allowing more work to get done.



Version 9.1 – 0   7/23/2019        Release minor sub-version 9.1


                                                       This sub-version release is to introduce the new

                                                       Mega–Number Range to Regex   Super Tool.

                                                       This is hands down, the finest regex generating tool there is !

                                                       Features Negative / Positive,  Integer or Decimal ranges.

                                                       It is an invaluable regex generating tool for all integer / float ranges.

                                                       Screen shot :  Mega–Number Range to Regex  



Version 9.0 – 3        6/18/2019          Bug fixed in Mega-Convert :  lower ascii range parsing error when

                                                       Universal \U source selected.

                                                       Bug fixed in regex format core :  group count error when using

                                                       nested Branch Reset constructs.



Version 9.0 – 2        5/13/2019          Bug fixed in Mega-Bench 8 pointer fault when benching \z construct.

                                                       Added new Ascii conversion options to Mega Convert Tool .



Version 9.0 – 1        4/20/2019          Upgraded:   To  Unicode 12.1  

                                                       Regex engine:  Modified  Boost 1.65.1,   ICU4 – 64.2



Version 9.0 – 0   1/23/2019       Release major version 9


                                                       This major release is to introduce the Multi-Level Undo System        

                                                       for the input, output, test and scratch editor controls.

                                                       The Undo level is bottomless and can be purged at any time.

                                                       Each editor has it’s own stack that is controllable.                                     




Version 8.11 – 1      10/3/2018          Converted the  Mega-Bench 8 Report Generator  into a re-sizeable  dialog.



Version 8.11 – 0   9/25/2018          Release minor sub-version 8.11.


                                                       Upgraded:   To  Unicode 11,   ICU4 – 62.1



Version 8.9 – 8        7/21/2018          Bug fixed in Strings To Regex Ternary Tree tool.

                                                       When using aggressive factoring (before or after), this manifested when a whitespace

                                                       was in the literal to be factored. The code used the (?x) option which excluded the whitespace.

                                                       This was a moderate bug.  Upgrade to  8.9 – 8   or greater  to avoid this.



Version 8.9 – 7        7/18/2018          Converted  Mega-Bench 8  to a resizable dialog.



Version 8.9 – 6        7/11/2018          Change in MSI Setup to handle redistributable issues ( see above ).



Version 8.9 – 2        4/14/2018          The new Strings To RegexTernary  and  Mega-Convert  tools were put to use

                                                       creating Utf-16 and Utf-32 Emoji regex. These regex will match all the emoji strings

                                                       specified in the current V11 of Unicode. The regex are created from the emoji-ordering.txt

                                                       file obtained from the Unicode.org site.


                                                       The new samples can be obtained in the _Samples directory under Emoji sub-directory.

                                                       There is a starter file Machine-readable emoji ordering v11.0 containing instructions

                                                       to get these regex in a semi-automated way, with just a couple of key strokes.


                                                       When more emoji are added, just generate the new regexes.

                                                       For quick reference, this is a link to text version of that file:

                                                       Machine-readable emoji ordering v11.0.txt.


                                                       Screen shot :  Tern Tool



Version 8.9 – 2        4/14/2018          Upgraded:   the new Mega-Convert Tool to include two new options.                                                      

                                                       These options are for the conversion From Method and Syntax.

                                                       - Added an  Normalize Utf-16/32 Hex  method option to the from combo box.

                                                       This will run both the 16 /32 methods in one operation. It is equivalent to running

                                                       the selected syntax form as they exist in both modes.

                                                       - Added an  All Syntaxes  syntax option to the from syntax combo box.

                                                       This will run all syntaxes available for the selected from method in one operation.


                                                       When used together, it enables the From Conversion to become:

                                                       Normalize Utf-16/32 Hex” using “All Syntaxes”,  converting to a single To Conversion

                                                       form.  This is a potent combination.

                                                       Screen shot :  Mega-Convert                                                  



Version 8.9 – 0      4/9/2018            Release minor sub-version 8.9.


                                                       Upgraded:   the regex engine to accept property,  Single-Name shortcuts for types :

                                                       Binary, General_Category, General_Category_Mask,  Script and Block.

                                                       For these types, the other way \p{Type=Value} is still supported.

                                                       This is a system-wide modification that is honored by all the sub-systems.

                                                       For the UCD-Interface Tool, a selectable flag ( checkbox ) is available to select to use the shortcut

                                                       regex names or not when adding properties to the cache.

                                                       This upgrade adds maximum flexibility to the use of properties in regex constructs.


                                                       Upgraded:   the new Mega-Convert Tool to include option for the printable,

                                                       non-control ascii range ( 0x21 – 0x7F ). There was already an extended ascii range option.

                                                       Screen shot :  Mega-Convert  



Version 8.8 – 0      4/6/2018            Release minor sub-version 8.8.


                                                       Upgraded:   to the  Strings To Regex – Ternary Tree   tool.

                                                       Selectable UTF-16/32 processing. Many new options,

                                                       including an Analyze data feature that shows the UTF-16/32 metrics

                                                       along with giving recommendations of options to get the best outcome.

                                                       The upgraded tool also features deep aggressive factoring options.

                                                       Screen shot :  Tern Tool


                                                       Fixed:   There was a bug fix.  When using the Replace-All feature within

                                                       the Find/Replace paradigm and the ICU-mode (UTF-32) set, the target

                                                       mirror buffer was not having the flag set correctly.

                                                       This flag converts the target buffer to/from  u16string / u32string as needed.

                                                       This was an oversight when the whole system was converted over.

                                                       It now works correctly and without issues.



Version 8.6 – 0      3/27/2018          Release minor sub-version 8.6.


                                                       Added a new tool:   Mega-Convert.

                                                       Converts between any Unicode/Hex/Codepoint Notation methods,

                                                       within any syntax and format. Truly a remarkable tool.

                                                       Operates on any of the available input edit box formats.

                                                       Screen shot :  Mega-Convert  



Version 8.5 –8         3/11/2018          Mega-String  modifications.

                                                       Parsing is extended to the four C-Style string options.

                                                       Includes optional stripping of  _T(“”) macro’s and parsing of the nine trigraph’s.

                                                       See the documentation for Mega-String Tool for an overview of functionality.

                                                       Previously, the C-Style string parsing was generalized in the Double Quote parse option.


Version 8.5 –6         2/21/2018          Added class range combining to Num Range Generator tool.


Version 8.5 –5         2/19/2018          Added a new Benchmark Result item -   Matches Per Second.

                                                       This is a calculated average obtained by this formula:

                                                       Matches per iteration * Total iterations  / Total run time microseconds ( converted to seconds ).


Version 8.5 –4         1/28/2018          Added a new format option under global expansion.

                                                       When global expansion is disabled, no expansion takes place.

                                                       The new option is to enable group syntax expansion (default) or disable.

                                                       The option only takes affect when global expansion is disabled.


                                                       Note – The normal mode when expansion is enabled is to separate some

                                                       constructs with a space. These constructs are selectable at the bottom of the format

                                                       section in the Flags pane. Also, any embedded horizontal whitespace is not touched.

                                                       With the addition of this new option, time was taken to redesign the affect when

                                                       the global expansion flag is disabled. Now any air (whitespace between constructs)

                                                       is taken out.

                                                       Setting this global expansion off then back on, has the affect of taking the air out

                                                       then re-expanding constructs. Doing this does not affect the current comment formatting.



Version 8.5 – 0      1/21/2018          Release minor sub-version 8.5.


                                                       Upgraded  RegexFormat  to  Unicode 10.0,  CLDR 32,  ICU4 – 60.2 UCD.



Version 8.4 – 2        1/11/2018          Added the current Regex engine type text to the Formatted Output tab label (MDI document),

                                                       which is currently selected in the flags pane.

                                                       When the engine format type changes, the engine  type is included in the formatted tab label.

                                                       Also, when changed, an arrow indicator is set in the State button text as a reminder

                                                       that the regex source needs to be reformatted. The reminder arrow disappears upon

                                                       subsequent formatting. This extends the properties to a more easily visible location.



Version 8.4 – 0      12/1/2017          Release minor sub-version 8.4.



                                                       A Cumulative update ( which includes the previous regex engine modifications ),

                                                       new changes and some bug fixes.



                                                       - Within the Hex Reader  dialog.

                                                          Replace “CRLF” metrics and highlighting to encompass all Unicode line breaks.

                                                          Modified “Whitespace” metrics and highlighting to encompass all Unicode whitespace.

                                                       - A Save All Modified menu item added in the “File” menu. Includes a Yes to all button within the dialog.



                                                       - Within the Format regex code, fixed a bug where some whitespace was not getting

                                                         escaped when in X-Mode (eXpanded).

                                                       - Within the Strings To Regex(Ternary Tree)  dialog, fixed a bug in the Simple Factoring algorithm.



Version 8.3 – 8        11/16/2017        Regex engine modifications:

                                                       - Allow Back References  to undefined groups (not yet parsed).

                                                       - Allow Nested Back References.

                                                       Note – these are significant changes to the boost regex engine, and these and the other mods

                                                       bring it up to par (and performance) with Perl’s regex engine.


Version 8.3 – 7        11/6/2017          Added another new option to the Strings to Regex Ternary Tree Tool:

                                                       Do group factoring. Screenshot:  Strings to Regex – Ternary Tree       


Version 8.3 – 6        10/27/2017        Extended  Leap Year Range to Regex  tool’s year range from 0 – 9999.




Version 8.3 – 0      10/4/2017          Release minor sub-version 8.3.

                                                       Completed the system wide conversion started in Version 8.2 – 18.

                                                       Changes apply to ICU  mode  (UTF-32) only !

                                                       The non-ICU mode regex operations remain unchanged.



                                                       Removed the facet overhead (UTF-16 to UTF-32) of searching a target string.

                                                       Now uses u32string iterators directly for regex search / replace  operations.

                                                       This includes using u32string when constructing regex,  meaning

                                                       surrogate pairs and stand alone surrogates are resolved to UTF-32 codepoints.

                                                       Results are correctly mapped / highlighted back to the wide string display’s.


                                                       Affected code:  All places in the application that use ICU mode (UTF-32).



Version 8.2 – 25      9/28/2017          Upgraded the regex engine to version 1.65.1

                                                       All modifications are carried forward.


Version 8.2 – 23      9/25/2017          Fixed a minor bug where in certain circumstances, the floating close button

                                                       failed to display (when enabled) when mouse-over the mdi-tab.


                                                       Added / modified features in the Layout->Document & MDI Tabs menu:

                                                       - Enable Active Tab Bold Font    ( default = false )

                                                       - Tab Border Width     ( 0 - 5 pixels,  default = 2 )

                                                       - Text Shading - Inactive View     ( None, %20 - %50,  default = %20 )


Version 8.2 – 21      9/22/2017          Introducing a new regex generate tool:    Leap Year Range to Regex

                                                       A truly accurate tool that lets you generate a custom Leap Year regex given a range of years.

                                                       Multiple compression levels are selectable to suite any project and performance preference.

                                                       This is the first installment of a Date/Time regex generation suite soon to be available.

                                                       Screen shots:     Ly1     Ly2     Ly3     Ly4     Ly5     Ly6     Ly7     Ly8     Ly9


Version 8.2 – 20      9/13/2017          Added a new option to the Strings to Regex Ternary Tree Tool:

                                                       Convert alternations  (?: x | y | z )  to class  [ x y z ]


Version 8.2 – 19      9/11/2017          Fixed an issue on the 32-bit version where using MemDC for virtual list control with more than

                                                       500,000 items significantly slowed performance.

                                                       The 64-bit version is unaffected.  These virtual lists are used to display Unicode names.



Version 8.2 – 18   9/8/2017            General Modifications:  Removed the facet overhead (utf16 to utf32) of searching a target string

                                                       when  in  ICU  mode. Now uses UString32 iterators directly for regex search operations.


                                                       Affected code: 

                                                       - Benchmark suite,  %100 speed increase in ICU  flagged regex.

                                                       - UCD Interface,  %100 speed increase in Custom Rx and CodePoints pages.


                                                       Note that the UCD Interface pages now have the full Code Point range available for query.

                                                       This includes leading/trailing surrogates and non-characters as well.



Version 8.2 – 14      8/30/2017          Modified Benchmark suite – Added a custom control vertical bar with thumb indicating

                                                       current top slot. This is a subtle visual indicator when scrolling slots.


                                                       UCD – Custom Rx page, expand the regex input box.

                                                       Fixed a minor startup issue on this page.



Version 8.2 – 11      8/22/2017          Regex engine modification:  Corrected  Non-word boundary construct \B.

                                                       Previously, it did not correctly match at the beginning or end of string if the adjacent

                                                       character were a non-word.


                                                       Modified the Match Results title to display the regex options used to obtain the last match.

                                                       This is an important visual aid to help quickly diagnose possible wrong, invalid or non-matches.


                                                       Expanded the Benchmark suite to eight slots available per run.

                                                       The suite has been renamed to Mega-Bench 8 to reflect the increase in slots.

                                                       Screenshots:   Bench1   Bench2   Bench3   Bench Report Generator 



Version 8.2 – 6        7/27/2017          Modified Benchmark suite to update an items run display result immediately when

                                                       it’s run finishes. Previously, item display results were updated upon completion of the last run.

                                                       In the next update we will be adding more item slots (currently there are 2 available for runs).


Version 8.2 – 5        6/21/2017          Added a  Mark Location  debug option to the Mega-String control.

                                                       This option is only enabled for the Parsing function. It adds  = text = marks at

                                                       the location where start and end string quote delimiter’s were parsed and removed.

                                                       This option helps diagnose errant string quoting.


                                                       Additionally, if the Un-escape delimiters box is checked, it adds a where the opening or closing

                                                       delimiter was removed,  or a indicating no delimiter was found, but should be at this location.

                                                       Note that un-escaping escaped delimiters does not involve marking.

                                                       This option helps diagnose errant delimited regex.

                                                       Marking is available for parsing functions: Single, Double, and No Quoting.


                                                       Screenshot:     Mega-String : Mark Location 


Version 8.2 – 2        5/23/2017          Added Python’s Raw String syntax generation to the  Mega-String control.

                                                       Options include double r”  “ or single r’  quote constructs, as well as optional intelligent

                                                       padding already built into the Mega-String control. Optional lines continued + “\n for multi-line.

                                                       Safeguards odd number of escapes anywhere in target as well at the end of the string,

                                                       and provide proper escaping of delimiters.

                                                       Screenshot:     Mega-String : Python Raw Strings 


Version 8.2 – 1        5/14/2017          Added Regex Replace Format String Syntax to include Perl, Sed, Literal, and Boost-Extended.

                                                       Formerly, by default, the Perl format string was used in replacements with no other options.

                                                       This can be set within the Macro Manager dialog just above the replace edit box.


 (n/a)                       5/4/2017           Updated IIS7 web.config to allow .rxf mime type sample files to be downloaded.

                                                       These sample files can now be downloaded from the Download directory.


Version 8.2 – 0      4/24/2017          Release minor sub-version 8.2.

                                                       Updated to Regex engine 1.64. All modifications are carried forward.


Version 8.1 – 1        4/19/2017          Regex engine modification to fix a bug in class intersection.

                                                       Update to this if version 8.1-0 was installed.


Version 8.1 – 0      4/12/2017          Release minor sub-version 8.1.

                                                       Regex engine modifications to correctly handle class intersection.

                                                       Example [^\W\D] matches only digits.


Version 8.0 – 14      4/1/2017            Modified UCD Property Search to trim whitespace and added an automatic tokenize feature.

                                                       If the initial string is not found, the tokenized parts will be searched for instead.

                                                       The token delimiters can consist of any of these characters   <space> _ - , . ' * " ; \t


Version 8.0 – 13      3/23/2017          Fixed a Benchmark issue when advancing position on a zero-length match.

                                                       In a rare case, this resulted in incorrectly reporting the number of matches on a run.


Version 8.0 – 9        3/14/2017          Added a   Unique    page to the UCD Interface dialog.

                                                       This has the same functionality as the Codepoints and Custom-Rx pages, except the regex

                                                       object is removed.  It is instead replaced by an input edit box to paste or type any string.

                                                       The string is analyzed for unique codepoints which are displayed in the result.

                                                       The result can then be processed using the same features as in the Codepoints and Custom-Rx pages.


Version 8.0 – 8        3/10/2017          Added a   Custom-Rx    page to the UCD Interface dialog.

                                                       This has the same functionality as the Codepoints page, except the regex

                                                       object is editable.  Thus, any regex construct can be used to obtain a codepoint set.

                                                       Properties from the UCD regex cache can be easily added, mixed, and matched within the regex.


Version 8.0 – 6        2/21/2017          Some UCD navigation improvements and prevent tab control from getting focus.


Version 8.0 – 5        2/20/2017          Post-release:  Fixed an issue that caused a crash

                                                       when trying to drag dockable panes after accessing the UCD names page.

                                                       If using a versions between 8.0.0 - 8.0.4 it is recommended that it be

                                                       upgraded to  version 8.0.5.






New features:



Refactor Engine -

        Regex Refractor Engine’ is new. The most comprehensive, powerful refractor available.


Unicode -

          Super Controls’ are new - UCD (Unicode Character Database) Interface

using ICU4 72.1  (Unicode 15.0) .   Overhaul of regex engine with full Unicode 15 support,

Properties (over 1345) and Names (0x10FFFF). Includes all scripts and script extensions.


UCD Info Page :   UCD Interface Usage


UCD Tab Screenshots :   Usage    Properties    Codepoints    Names    Unique    Custom-Rx


New viewer available from all editors :   Uni-Name Viewer




Included features:


This application parses,  dynamically formats/expands/compresses Regular Expressions.

Includes a built-in testing regex engine derived and modified from Boost Regex 1.65.

Includes a regex benchmarking suite and many other Super Controls.

Uses  and includes the  ICU4 72.1 Library ( Unicode 15.0 ).

Includes  UCD (Unicode Character Database) Interface  a ‘Super Control’ suite.

Regex Refactoring Engine, the most advanced available. This engine only exists within Regexformat 9.

Many other  new controls, including a Unicode Name Viewer to go with the existing Hex Viewer.

View anything from anywhere, it’s integrated into all editors.


See Online Manual (Deprecated)


The core:


It’s many strong features include formatting, expanding, compressing expressions,

advanced comment handling, auto-generated capture group comments, analysis

tools, padding, Raw/Single/Double quoted String construction of finished expressions

that can be pasted into development code.


Includes independent property views of the current regular expression providing a quick

look at its state and comprehensive construct metrics and error analysis information.

Errors can be selected in different views. For example, when an error is selected from

the view list, it is instantly selected in both the input and output views, when selected

from the output, it is selected from the input and error list, etc.., - this makes

debugging quite easy.


Also included is a selectable, completely customizable analysis overlay of  conditional’s

and capture group counting (including named groups last), as well as annotated error

reporting of the entire expression embedded in the formatted output.

Formatting continues to the end of the expression regardless of errors, thus providing

a single pass, down stream look after possibly trivial errors.


A Flags pane is provided to easily turn on/off options and settings.

Over 400 internal flag bits control the parsing/formatting engine giving maximum

flexibility to precisely control how the expression is parsed, how it is expanded or

compressed, and the look and shape of the formatted output.

Its solid parsing foundation include most all individual constructs available in

Regular Expressions are provided for and are individually selectable. There are built-in

presets for the major flavors, but everything can be customized, giving the ability to

define custom language presets.


Included Presets:

·         User-Defined

·         Default

·         Custom

·         Perl

·         PCRE

·         Dot-Net

·         Java 6

·         Java 7

·         JavaScript


Expression with embedded ‘expanded’ or ‘compressed’ modes are handled seamlessly

by the engine.


Easily unveil the most complex packed expressions in existence with the click of a button.

Debug, refactor, make changes, then pack it back up for production.

Save the document (.rxf) with all of its views and Flags state, open it later when the

time comes for modification or maintenance or for quick recollection.


Whether a novice or expert, if you use Regular Expressions, this application will save

you hours of work.  See it, change it, and maintain it as real code.



Supported Platforms:

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11


Download RegexFormat

A zipped install of the latest version can be downloaded here

->       32-bit : Version 8   and   64-bit : Version 8


Manual/Help File:


Version 4.2 manual is included in the installation (or available online – see above link),

but can also be downloaded here ->  Manual/Help File



Unzip the files to a temporary directory then run the  Setup.exe  program.

The installed  Samples  directory contains data files with which to evaluate the application.

Miscellaneous samples can be obtained and are added to the Samples directory.



To Purchase:

Single and Multi-Site License(s) are offered and are now available for purchase.

Accepted payment methods include Major Credit Card or PayPal account.

Questions can be directed to support


Choose a RegexFormat license purchase option:


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