Dynamic Formatting


(See also Formatting, Comments Handling and Output Toolbar).



Dynamic Formatting is when the editing and formatting are simultaneously

done from the Output window.


This is done by clicking on the Format Output button on the tool bar.

(see Output Toolbar)


Itís easier sometimes, from the same window, to modify formatted text, re-format it

and continue working.

If errors pop up, use the Undo FMT Output from the context menu, correct mistakes

then try again (see Editor Context Menu).












Generated format errors, special comment settings, and annotations could

interfere with Dynamic formatting because the output becomes the new




There is a special group in Flags Formatting section to control some comments

and annotations output when Formatting dynamically.

These are affectively overrides.




There are also Comments presets, available from the Flags context menu, that

automatically turn these flags on/off when appropriate. (see Comments Handling)


For example, ††selecting †< VERTICAL , Grps-1 > †and †Strip Old Auto-Comments

causes the engine to first strip the old auto-comments, then generate new

auto-comments output.


Internally, Dynamic Formatting copies the output to the Input then presses

the Format Rx ! button from the Input Pane. All the other panes are updated as

normal. Expand/Compress must still be done from the Input pane.



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